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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Darwin, drowning and reset

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

By Charles-Edouard!

Darwin's Anniversary: if only he had known of mutations...

Afficionados will follow PZ Myers on YouTube, and this excellent series by the Museum.

Darwin is the common ancester: your mutant viruses are descendants of your 'historical' virus. We will revive it: it's Jurassic Park directed by Leibowitch!

What is drowning

It is described by Leibowitch: Antiviral treatment was momentarily interrupted in patients 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, and 13 for 6 months or more in an attempt to “drown out” the recentlymutated HIV in a wave of returningWTHIV (49, 50). Therefore, patients 5, 8, and 13 could resume 7 day per week attack combinations comprising drugs previously deemed ineffective against the mutant virus at the time of escape. [The fact that the combinations, now successful on a 7 (patient 8), 4 (patient 5), or 3 (patient 13) day per week regimen, comprised one or more antiviral components genotypically “unfit” against the preinterruption mutant virus supports the notion that the mutant species had functionally been “washed out.”].

In an environment that is no longer adverse, the wild type virus, takes over. Finally ... Your virus that is the least mutated, ie your initial virus. These 'children', mutants, have a lower fitness, they will disappear. Your initial mutations (those of your initial genotype) will not disappear. It is the 'historical' virus which takes place, at the price of a therapeutic holiday of at least 6 months (it is not done in 5 minutes ...).

Drowning: RESET and controversy

Leibowitch, has demonstrated, on more than fifteen patients, that one can thus delete past errors and ridicules those who preach over treatment. Professor Katlama had tried it, in a fashion most favorable for to failure (2 months of drowning only), burying it with her usurped weight, killing any attempt of development. The toolbox thus amputated, any serious research of the optimal posology, the mission of phase 4, incumbent on the clinic, is embarrassed: do not be surprised then by the monumental error which puts millions of patients in the physical and psychic suffering, and others in the shortage or lack of treatment.

Drowning and reservoir

The dominant concept is that the reservoir is an accumulation pile: the new mutants are inscribed in it, in an irreducible way, and stand out ineluctably: this makes the reservoir an inertial mass, immutable when it comes to destroying it, and accumulating all the ugly boys, on top of that... It evolves but only in a way that is unfavorable to us. If, on the contrary, we give credit to drowning, then we benefit from this so much hated reservoir (because it has archived the historical virus, the least unfavorable), and its purge (qualitative, not quantitative) is the proof that it can be manipulated qualitatively (the quantitative manipulation, the shock and kill, is, for the time being, a failure)

Drowning: an exploration tool

Drowning is an indispensable part of the exploration toolbox. You have to understand it, accept it, assume it. This is all the easier if you entered treatment early. Treatment has permafrosted your situation. You will come back soon enough to the previous situation, and if this situation was favorable (eg high initial CD4) then you have, on paper, the necessary time. If, conversely, you were treated 'late' ...

Mono-DTG: not the bomb we hoped for ... too bad!

I made several approaches to using Mono-DTG for my reductionist purposes. The dose reduction, the short cycle, the ultra-short cycle (with first beacons towards 1/7 and 1/15). Dose reduction (1/2 of a pill then 1/4 of a pill, in 7/7 worked very well, as well as 4/7 at 50 mg.) My 2 attempts at 1/7 (DTG 100 mg + 3TC 300 mg and DTG 150 mg, alone, in 1/7) failed. The failure to DTG 150 mg, alone, in 1/7 is without appeal, it is frank, massive.

It may be a little different, I do not know ... Still, for me, it's not the 'bomb' needed to return beyond 1/7. In retrospect, I might have been better off staying on a proven strategy (Leibo's 4-T) that I pushed further: 1/15 and 1/21!

The depressive effects of DTG are, for me, a reality. Dilemma. I try a ressupression with massive doses. If it works, I'll take up my pilgrim's staff again, with the 4-T, otherwise, I'll drown everything for a good year, which on paper should be possible.

I have empathy for those who have tried and will not necessarily have succeeded. Those who have not tried anything (or with pointless strategies), ex. Katlama, did not help us ...

In the news

- BMS, Videx: end of sale of VIDEX and ZERIT end of March 2018. The ANSM announces a generic (Laboratory Arrows), but ... Users should be prepared!

- In 50% of the cases, mini-VL-uptakes are laboratory errors

French touch

Dr. Alain Lafeuillade has published a book: A doctor should never say that .... He had baptized HypoDolu. For me, MicroDolu (1/4 of a pill 7/7) works, but not Hypodolu ... Well... He is a fighter, so it must be interesting to read. 10 euros

Consider also Leibowitch's book: To-finish-with-AIDS: where he esplains drowning ...

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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