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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Darwin, drowning and reset

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

By Charles-Edouard!

Darwin's Anniversary: if only he had known of mutations...

Afficionados will follow PZ Myers on YouTube, and this excellent series by the Museum.

Darwin is the common ancester: your mutant viruses are descendants of your 'historical' virus. We will revive it: it's Jurassic Park directed by Leibowitch!

What is drowning

It is described by Leibowitch: Antiviral treatment was momentarily interrupted in patients 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, and 13 for 6 months or more in an attempt to “drown out” the recentlymutated HIV in a wave of returningWTHIV (49, 50). Therefore, patients 5, 8, and 13 could resume 7 day per week attack combinations comprising drugs previously deemed ineffective against the mutant virus at the time of escape. [The fact that the combinations, now successful on a 7 (patient 8), 4 (patient 5), or 3 (patient 13) day per week regimen, comprised one or more antiviral components genotypically “unfit” against the preinterruption mutant virus supports the notion that the mutant species had functionally been “washed out.”].

In an environment that is no longer adverse, the wild type virus, takes over. Finally ... Your virus that is the least mutated, ie your initial virus. These 'children', mutants, have a lower fitness, they will disappear. Your initial mutations (those of your initial genotype) will not disappear. It is the 'historical' virus which takes place, at the price of a therapeutic holiday of at least 6 months (it is not done in 5 minutes ...).

Drowning: RESET and controversy

Leibowitch, has demonstrated, on more than fifteen patients, that one can thus delete past errors and ridicules those who preach over treatment. Professor Katlama had tried it, in a fashion most favorable for to failure (2 months of drowning only), burying it with her usurped weight, killing any attempt of development. The toolbox thus amputated, any serious research of the optimal posology, the mission of phase 4, incumbent on the clinic, is embarrassed: do not be surprised then by the monumental error which puts millions of patients in the physical and psychic suffering, and others in the shortage or lack of treatment.

Drowning and reservoir

The dominant concept is that the reservoir is an accumulation pile: the new mutants are inscribed in it, in an irreducible way, and stand out ineluctably: this makes the reservoir an inertial mass, immutable when it comes to destroying it, and accumulating all the ugly boys, on top of that... It evolves but only in a way that is unfavorable to us. If, on the contrary, we give credit to drowning, then we benefit from this so much hated reservoir (because it has archived the historical virus, the least unfavorable), and its purge (qualitative, not quantitative) is the proof that it can be manipulated qualitatively (the quantitative manipulation, the shock and kill, is, for the time being, a failure)

Drowning: an exploration tool

Drowning is an indispensable part of the exploration toolbox. You have to understand it, accept it, assume it. This is all the easier if you entered treatment early. Treatment has permafrosted your situation. You will come back soon enough to the previous situation, and if this situation was favorable (eg high initial CD4) then you have, on paper, the necessary time. If, conversely, you were treated 'late' ...

Mono-DTG: not the bomb we hoped for ... too bad!

I made several approaches to using Mono-DTG for my reductionist purposes. The dose reduction, the short cycle, the ultra-short cycle (with first beacons towards 1/7 and 1/15). Dose reduction (1/2 of a pill then 1/4 of a pill, in 7/7 worked very well, as well as 4/7 at 50 mg.) My 2 attempts at 1/7 (DTG 100 mg + 3TC 300 mg and DTG 150 mg, alone, in 1/7) failed. The failure to DTG 150 mg, alone, in 1/7 is without appeal, it is frank, massive.

It may be a little different, I do not know ... Still, for me, it's not the 'bomb' needed to return beyond 1/7. In retrospect, I might have been better off staying on a proven strategy (Leibo's 4-T) that I pushed further: 1/15 and 1/21!

The depressive effects of DTG are, for me, a reality. Dilemma. I try a ressupression with massive doses. If it works, I'll take up my pilgrim's staff again, with the 4-T, otherwise, I'll drown everything for a good year, which on paper should be possible.

I have empathy for those who have tried and will not necessarily have succeeded. Those who have not tried anything (or with pointless strategies), ex. Katlama, did not help us ...

In the news

- BMS, Videx: end of sale of VIDEX and ZERIT end of March 2018. The ANSM announces a generic (Laboratory Arrows), but ... Users should be prepared!

- In 50% of the cases, mini-VL-uptakes are laboratory errors

French touch

Dr. Alain Lafeuillade has published a book: A doctor should never say that .... He had baptized HypoDolu. For me, MicroDolu (1/4 of a pill 7/7) works, but not Hypodolu ... Well... He is a fighter, so it must be interesting to read. 10 euros

Consider also Leibowitch's book: To-finish-with-AIDS: where he esplains drowning ...

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mono-DTG: an all new VICTORY

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Mono-DTG: an all new VICTORY

By Charles-Edouard!

Lanzafame: Total success in Mono-DTG maintenance

Dolutegravir tivicay monotherapy lanzafame cure hiv cabotegravir
Lattuada, Lanzafame et al. publish 25 maintenance patients under Mono-DTG: Dolutegravir monotherapy in HIV-1-suppressed patients: A feasible regimen in real life

ZéRo failures!

Like us, Dr. Lanzafame identifies Achille's Heel and good adherence as a criterion. The theoretical failure rate, based on the 125+ patients of BMM + P, is 1-2%. They do as in our Mono-DTG practical guide and have no failure:

This is the first post-BMM + P and post-DOMONO report: those who predicted the total failure of Mono-DTG are busted! (and nobody tells you about it...)

More than 200 patients in success under mono-DTG!

3 years after the approval of Tivicay®, we already have more than 200 patients in success (100+ in BMM + P, 50 in DOMONO, 25 in maintenance and 25 in first line at Lanzafame). The DOMONO authors offered the 61 patients, in success under Mono-DTG, to return back to Tri. The sneers chuckled! Except that ... 59 simply refused! Faced with a supposed, possible and undifferentiated risk, 97% of patients refuse to leave Mono-DTG: they do not believe it!

Here is an interesting pool for the partial, even total, remission a little like the Viscontis!

Mono-DTG and short cycle: 4/7

Subject to the selection criteria (genotype on INI), mono-DTG is an absolutely acceptable first-line treatment, and therefore a good candidate for the ICCARRIAN descent. We could redo the very first trial: 7 days ON followed by 7 days OFF.

In our new survey (top left): all voters think that under effective Mono-DTG, we could cycle. 3 arguments are in favor of a doses reduction: pharmacokinetics, Cabotegravir at ... 30 mg, pharmacodynamics.

Pharmacokinetics are Permissive: use it!

A study, by Elliot et al., funded by ViiV (hi, hi, hi ...) shows that DTG has a more interesting profile, more permissive, than EVG. It shows, above all, that DTG remains above its IC90 (64 ng / mL) more than 72 hours after interruption. They explain that the pharmacokinetic persistence makes DTG a good candidate for FOTO or BREATHER sequels.

pharmacokinetics monotherapy Dolutegravir tivicay elvitegravir genvoya skip dose

Cabotegravir 30 mg or Tivicay ® 25 mg (1/2 pill)?

Lanzafame does with what is available: Tivicay® 50 mg. Soon, Cabotegravir 30 mg will be available. Will he try, tomorrow, CTG 30 mg in maintenance? Why would he not?

But, here ... We know that CTG and DTG is six of one and half a dozen of the other. CTG is not yet available while it is already technically possible to use DTG 25 mg (1/2 pill).

Eclipse and delayed effect

Under effective and truly effective treatment, the Eclipse exists for everyone: it is a fundamental and foundational Anti-RetroViral feature, not an anecdotal performance. The effect of pharmacodynamic remanence under Mono-DTG (and Mono-Bictegravir, for that matter) is known since the ING111521 trial.

Dolutegravir, Absolutegravir, remission and medical malpractice

At the turn of the century, remission attempts, with inefficient molecules, had failed. Dolutegravir is a game changern: for many patients / viruses, it is an Absolutegravir. In monotherapy (perhaps not in tri ...) it opens an opportunity for total or partial remission.

The patient who starts RAL or EVG as first-line or in maintenance (if there are other options) makes a serious and potentially adverse decision to her legitimate hope for remission.

Likewise, the patient, under effective Mono-DTG, who would close her eyes on ICCARRE, deprives herself of a potential remission, at least partial.

Well ... we can say THANK YOU! to Lanzafame and the team of Verona!

In the news

- The variety marchants did not appreciate the prospect of a weekly drug, but then there, not at all and let it know!

- The statineur cardiologists did not appreciate the rebroadcast of ""Cholesterol: the Big Bluff". Their argument (link): alarmed (see here), many patients have stopped medication and a study will prove excess mortality: Professor Moore (Bordeaux) announced such a study more than a year ago, and since then it's total silence! There is a world between announcing a study and prejudging its result! A truebluff! Statins: The Great Pshiiiit?

- Irene Frachon explains the basics of corruption . Uplifting!

- Prescrire publie sa liste its list of authorized but dangerous drugs

- Hepatitis B: vaccination for subjects at risk: to be considered; for all infants: an ineptitude. Marc Girard dissects how we got there. Read here too. Brigitte Autran sheds another light.

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

En route towards remission

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

En route towards remission

By Charles-Edouard!

Well said!

Remission: the question resurfaces

I put the remission on the table, even if it may seem surprising. I am talking about remission following ARV treatment: it is the post-treatment control, usually considered impossible.

The debate took place in a context that has evolved a lot and the premises underlying the verdict are flickering one after the other. Today we can build an argument in favor of total or partial remission. A blogger's delusion? Not at all. For part the argument was exposed by recognized authors such as Wainberg, Ananvoranich, and even Siliciano. We will get back to this. Reader, take patience, read, and judge for yourself.

The dominant theory is Siliciano's. Very early, I made a note: "Siliciano is wrong". More and more facts invalidate the premises or conclusions by Siliciano. If it is false, we can consider that patients achieve remission, with and thanks to treatment.

Remission impossible: theory and history

Very early, it was found that when the treatment is stopped, the virus rises and we are not cured. This is our very first post: ICCARRE: Sir, you are cured! What prescience!

Robert Siliciano gives us a theoretical approach in 2003. He makes some hypotheses, over simplistic, on the dynamics of the 'reservoir', reduces everything to a single time constant, that he measures on some patients. He calculates an ... average ... of 44 months half-life, which puts the remission to 66 years of treatment: in other words, impossible.

Nothing has come formally to invalidate his theory. Nothing, really nothing ... Or so little ... A "so-little", which begins to expand. Inaudible yesterday, perceptible today, deafening tomorrow.

First, the discovery of "Viscontis": a handful of patients, early-treated, who keep the virus under control despite stopping treatment. Several attempts have tried to reproduce it (here and SPARTAC trial), without success. Why can't we reproduce the Viscontis?

Then came the idea of ​​reducing the reservoir by a "Shock and Kill", where a pharmaceutical treatment would wake up the reservoir, which the ARV treatment would then kill. For now, it has failed. Here too, the premises are debatable.

Remission and near-remission

The remission means to keep several years, without rebound nor treatment.

Fictitious example of a malignant cancer with "heavy" chemotherapy in 10 sessions: we survive and the cancer has regressed. The doctor suggests about 5 years remission, at most. Relief and disappointment too. The doctor adds: and if you accept an annual maintenance chemo, then your life expectancy is normalized ... Of course, this is not a magic remission in the strict sense, but still ... So we do ... Later, you can even do it once every 2 years.

He who can do more can do less: Can you imagine total remission even though you have not achieved 1/7? No, obviously! And if you have passed 1/7, can you consider the 1/15, as I showed here? Then 1/21, 1/30 and finally the 'true' remission. Me, I managed 1/21, but not 1/30, so I do not try the final step. Moreover, from 1/15, the remission has only little attraction. Frankly! At 1/21, you live very very well! For me, 1/7 remained a bit heavy. Others are happy with it and we understand them!

Remission finally possible: theory and evidence

- The example of HCV shows that we must not despair ...
- There are more post-treatment controllers than they would like us to believe, and who are unaware, as a hospital in Antwerp has demonstrated. Noone will tell you...
- We treat earlier, which may be favorable
- We have not been able to repeat Viscontis: theymay have done something that we did not understand, and that this something is important.
- Siliciano himself, along with Hill, questioned his own theory. He considers that the reduction of the reservoir necessary for a prolonged remission is less than initially thougth
- Wainberg theorized remission by the way of R263K and made laboratories trials: conclusive! (we'll come back to it: that's what I'm trying to do right now)
- The oral prolonged-release medication gives 7 days of medication (for a single dose) that is extended by a 2-week Eclipse (or even 3 ...) and that makes you a once-monthly!
- Leibowitch and his 1/7 have 800 years of proven pharmaceutical remission. With the hundred, or so, patients involved, there will be a few who will want to explore beyond.
- Biologists can not do Shock-and-Kill, while ICCARREs, in advanced mode, do it every day every week. Ah ... Yes ... Think by yourself.
- Dolutegravir should allow to do more (Too bad it is incompatible with NVP or EFV ... too bad ...): for some patients / viruses, it is an Absolutegravir. So...

On the road to remission

Unless you stay, stunned with fear, in a very uncomfortable standard treatment that is too heavy, too daily and above all too unnecessary, once you start 6/7, you've put a finger into it. Here is what can stop you:

- you don't dare explore any further
- the 1/7 suits you, you stop there
- the virus resurfaces

It is only a matter of time that a small group of people attempt the adventure, with only one obstacle: a virus rebound. It is also necessary to develop the technique that will weaken the reservoir and / or the virus. The Quadri by Leibo is a candidate. It's not enough, we need other 'bombs'. We are working on it. We have a lifetime ahead of us!

In the news

Towards DTG+RPV : Juluca ®: Efficacy, safety, and tolerability of dolutegravir-rilpivirine for the maintenance of virological suppression in adults with HIV-1: phase 3, randomised, non-inferiority SWORD-1 and SWORD-2 studies.

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What to follow in 2018

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

What to follow in 2018

By Charles-Edouard!

Our friend Myriam does not cool down:

You're right, my dear! Happy New Year and good health to you!


Recruitment is over! Some see it as a sign of strong demand ... Well ... It had been announced 18 months ago and it is late, so recruiters have had ample time to pre-recruit. It's like Corsican ballots: they are full before the elections!

Morlat is a recommendation: not just a case-by-case authorization

We will argue that Morlat recommendation (French Guidelines) is indeed a recommendation; Also note ( as anticipated) the back-pedaling of EACS recommandation.

Genvoya®, Juluca®, Isentress HD®, Zentiva®, AF2B

The regulatory battle is launched! Big Euro-gov will not protect you from over-medication! (read)

Achilles Heel, DOMONO, Absolutegravir, Lanzafame

This subject remains very active. DOMONO has demonstrated the possibility of near-remission (sic): DTG behaves like an Absolutegravir, provided that one preserves one's therapeutic options.

Dual therapies

The variety merchants will give it their best. See the review of the Sword-1 & 2 trials. Question: it works at 100%: did not we overload the mule?

Another recent topic: Mono-DTG would be more favorable than Bi-DTG (and therefore TRIUMEQ®) in the remissionist view of ours ... To be continued...

Leibowitch and the new ICCARRE website

It's new and lacks substance ... It will come ... so, watch for it... Obviously, we will not duplicate, so for ourselves, we reroute our subject to 1/7, Hypodolu, and functional remission. We will discuss the news (there are some ...) in non-infectiousness ...

Transparency, Social Security, Freedom

Well, you have seen the government morgue during the compulsory vaccination and change for the new Levothyrox: citizens react and complain. As for this mainstream newspaper prefers to call patients morons rather than blame itself!

dolutegravir prise hebdomadaire pharmacocinétique estomac

Beyond once-weekly, once-monthly treatment

Buzz in Le Figaro an oral medicine that stays 7 days in the stomach and will allow to go further: we will see how this will allow the monthly 'oral' treatment. The official publication is here.

Reservoirs: things are moving!

The sacrosanct anti-remission dogma is disintegrating: we can twick the reservoirs ...

Half-a-pill strategies

Big success of my post Half-a-pill. Easy and useful strategy: worth working on!

Can we alleviate all treatments ?

We will discuss this subject which is equivalent to "is every treatment overdosed?". Since the inactive HIV dynamics (under control) is different from the active HIV dynamics, for which the dose is defined, obviously everything becomes overdosed, as it goes under control.


Yes, I promise, we get to this serious topic, I'll develop this year!

Practical Guide 1/7

In the absence of an 'Official' Therapeutic Guide, the most stupid rumors circulated about ICCARRE: our Practical Guide 4/7 put an end to all these imbecilities, skilfully maintained. Now it is the turn of the medics: circulates in Maghreb, a 'subsidized' training (financed by whom? Look for yourself) which repeats again the stupidities of yesteryear.

The refusal to publish a Practical Guide leaves the field tocrooks. If people have time to lose in logorrhea, they can devote a little to what will be useful and practical, right? It takes a lot of time, and this year we start the 1/7 Practical Guide!

The book

Our charts (here and here) have been successful! So, Charles-Edouard! prepares the book. Oh yes!...

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

Feel free to comment, to like to share and to use

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mono-DTG: conflicting meta-analyses

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Mono-DTG: conflicting meta-analyses

By Charles-Edouard!

News from TRITOMAN:

Super! Nice to hear from you! Yes ... I really think we are on the right track. You see we are now a good little fighting group. Ah! It's really fun! We progress slowly, and well! Best wishes!

Meta-analysis? Meta-what? Meta-who?

Some studies overlap ... To obtain the power of numbers, we would like to aggregate them. When I draw a table of observed Eclipses, in different small studies, I do a metanalysis. (note, I have 3 to add ...). When Dr. Blanco discusses BMM results (Barcelona + Munich + Montreal), at CROI 2017, he does a metanalysis. I add Paris, thus BMM + P ... We sometimes loses the specificity of a study, but gain in number.

In the radio program 'the scientific method', Anne Georget and Dr de Lorgeril, who demonstrated the deception in the Jupiter trial, explain that results depend on the studies retained for the meta-analysis, that meta-analyzes funded by Big Pharma are, by chance, favorable to them: they will be cited ad nauseam, so to make us forget other studies which are unfavorable to them.

Daelig: An educational Pharma-fiction

What follows is an educational pharma fiction. Glioblastoma is an abominable brain cancer. The KSG group, out of solution, buys a 'miracle' molecule, Daelig, which cures glioblastoma in no time. Remission for all, at the cost of a small maintenance treatment. The most pro-active clinicians are launching pilot studies: initiatives are proliferating. A big study, GLIOMONO, blind, is launched. Let's go. Meanwhile, a small Parisian study, shows an unexpected thing: the right-handed patients heal, but not left-handed. In small studies, we have failures but only with left-handed: right-handers are 100% successful; left-handers, failure every time (it's a fiction, so itI made it simple ...).

What do you think of Daelig? It's great or it does not work? You have a Glioblastoma ... Are you trying Daelig?

An academic meta-analysis, excludes GLIOMONO (blind study) and separates right and left handed: it concludes that it is great, subject to initial sorting. A meta-analysis, funded by a competing lab, blithely mixes everything and concludes, conversely, that Daelig is risky.

Easy to understand, no?

Mono-DTG meta-analyzes: Marta Buzzi vs. José Moreira

The first meta-analysis is from José Moreira in Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy: Dolutegravir monotherapy as a simplified strategy in virologically suppressed HIV-1-infected patients.

It concludes the possibility of Mono-DTG, after an initial selection (Achilles heel and compliance). Dr. Blanco presents tables which necessarily lead to the same conclusion, without explaining it. Why does he not explain that he has identified the rules to follow to succeed Mono-DTG? Well imagine that he did and offered a presentation on rules to follow to succeed with Mono-DTG: it would not have been accepted. Rejected by the selection committee, in the same fashion as the Leibowitch's presentation (800 years of remission ...) was rejected by the steering committee, itself driven by ... By naming his presentation: resistance in BMM, Dr. Blanco had managed to make himself acceptable to the paid Guardians, anxious not to offend the 'sponsors'.

José Moreira Blanco monotherapy dolutegravir meta-analyse CROI-2017 DOMONO
By presenting the 'acquired resistances' he will have succeeded in presenting us with the rules to follow in order not to have any ... Diabolical and effective.

On the other hand, it was in the interest of Big Pharma to do have a meta-analysis that would show the impossibility of Mono-DTG: the recipe is simple: amalgamate everything, without distinguishing risk factor. Exactly as in our pharma-fiction: if we mix left-handed and right-handed, and what is a great molecule, appears much less so.

This is made easier by the DOMONO authors (DOLUMONO) who refuse to identify patients at risk, preferring to kill their beloved strategy, rather than admit their gross methodological error: ignore factors of risk made obvious after their trial start! This is where protocolism leads to.

The amalgam: an arch-known recipe

Alexandra Calmy Marta Buzzi monotherapy dolutegravir meta-analyse EACS-2017
The recipe is well known (and I had denounced in advance ...), we just had to wait for the first moron, who would have an 'interest' in 'demonstrating' inferiority, undern any circumstance, of Mono-DTG. Sorry, we had seen it coming!

Opportunity makes a thief: Alexandra Calmy and Marta Buzzi launch a trial: Evaluation of a Simplified Strategy for the Long-term Management of HIV Infection (Simpl'HIV) NCT03160105: it is a DTG / F-3TC dual therapy trial.

As a trial is a hypothesis test, I challenge you to identify the hypothesis without laughing. What is certain is that it will goes right in the hands of Big-Pharma, and authors do not take an excessive risk: the DTG + 3TC strategy has already been amply validated, including as a first line treatment! (LAMIDOL, PADDLE and ACTG A5353 trials).

Here again, Swiss medicine leaves us speechless, and does not shine with initiative: a meta-analysis completely stupid, as a premise of a clinical trial that is even more!

Obviously, no actor of the French, German, Italian or Spanish medico-pharmaceutical mafia would have dared! They would have been ridiculed by their best clinicians. So, they waited, in hiding, that one commits an ineptness worthy of firing a freshman!

Charlatans of an imaginary risk, the Diafoirus are delighted to quote their new do-not-think-master, to the delight of Big Pharma and sneers, who are not fooled! Check your favorite media: you'll see the replicative power of organized lobbies.

Feel free to comment, to like to share and to use

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017: our best victories

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

2017: our best victories

By Charles-Edouard!

With Hypodolu, we move on to serious things:

I tried 2 Tivicay® + 1 Lamivudine in 1/7. Just peaked at 50 after 3 months ... I do not know what to think ... So I now do 3 Tivicay® in 1/7. We will soon see ... Very recently a reasoned reflection by a specialist raises the question of whether, for the 1/7, the Tivicay® ALONE would not be better, in fact, than accompanied. Indeed, it seems that the pharmacokinetics of Tivicay® ALONE is more favorable ... I'll check ... Happy holidays and let us know!

2017: victory on all fronts

I follow the line of my post: Welcome to 20 ... 1/7


Announced by ANRS in July 2016 (see my post ANRS-Quatuor has started), this very large trial (640 patients) of 4/7 has begun! ANRS took their time! Given the size of the trial, it should not go unnoticed!

Morlat 2017: ICCARRE enters the Hall of Fame

Our ticket: French Guidelines capitulate!: 4/7 is now official in the French recommendations, in conditions similar to trials: it could not be clearer. We even managed to get the message out at IAS-2017, even if it was cut out during editing ... (Of course the battle is not over)

Genvoya® authorized ... An error, in our view

Gilead has lowered his ambitions ... Authorities have authorized a drug that reduces the therapeutic options for alleviation (excluding Mono-DTG, Bi-Cycle, Mono-Cycle, Hypodolu, or 3/7 ICCARRIEN ...) Bravo! If Stribild® / Genvoya® in 4/7 is invalidated by Quatuor (which is quite possible...), what a frustration for patients! If, conversely, it passes, what about 3/7?

The Achilles heel

In our post the ten green bottles, Dr. Blanco confirms, without restriction, our analysis. As long as the suspicion remains, stay away from Isentress®, Stribild® or Genvoya®.


The results of DOMONO have been published. As the authors have avoided an analysis alla Blanco (Achilles heel) it is a total confusion (just read the body of the article). We learn that failures are without prejudice for patients and especially are not the result of a low dosage. We denounced that efficacy is not dependent ONLY on the dose. Since failures are not dose-dependent, it is concluded that the successes are not dose-dependent either. Viral replication only 'sees' 2 things: dose and genetics (of the virus). DOMONO reinforces the hypothesis that efficacy depends on the history of the virus and little on the dose: so if one has a very wild virus, one can modulate the dose. This is precisely what we could do with an Absolutegravir, a concept that allows to understand DOMONO.


Dr. Lanzafame saves the honor of medicine with his First-line Mono-DTG: work in progress!


ViiV will do its best and conquer market share. Juluca® (DTG + RPV) is announced! Paddle and Lamidol have confirmed DTG + 3TC. Results of ACTG A5353 are published: Dolutegravir plus lamivudine as first-line treatment - Perfect! Yet nobody talks about it... Mobidip prefers IP + 3TC ... What will Gilead do?

Leibowitch under spotlights, the Eclipse too!

Dr. Leibowitch has given us a good paper on medical ethics, and Caroline Petit an easy-to-read synthesis (link to the original, in english); the new ICCARRE site is now online (we expect that it will beef up in 2018 ...), which explains why we will discuss ICCARRE less in 2018, and gear up: 1/7 and remission: I already showed that we could go well beyond the banal 1/7. We conceptualized the Eclipse's equation. I even wrote a sketch of dynamic theories: classical, relative and even quantum eclipse (yes ...), but ... Given the lack of scientific reflection on the subject, we are not not in a hurry.

Trump and Big Pharma

Yes! Donald Trump has promised to tackle caviar drug prices! Well... We did not see much...


Doctors and patients require less opacity in clinical trials. Trust but check. Our summer series has forestalled all the nonsense we now see about DOMONO. Our readers, duly warned, do not let themselves be fooled. In the same way we will dismount START (summer 2018): we already started with TREMPANO. You are being deceived ... Moreover, you will find here an interesting discussion where an activist defends the idea that it is the responsibility of activists to hide the truth from patients in order to 'protect' the people. To which Dr. Vernazza (author of the Swiss statement) replies that patients have the right to know and that it is not up to the doctor to give a selective presentation.

U = U: finally, a campaign makes a hit

Here is the official website. Associations, including French, fought tooth and nail the Swiss declaration. I will soon post some news. They rallied to it, after years of fighting back, without the slightest mea culpa. Not sure we will forgive them...

Practical Guides

This is the power of this blog: a Practical Guide for 4/7, for Mono-DTG, a list of doctors and, since 2017, a hit parade of drugs and doctors. And a practical tip: the 000 capsule. With that, if you can't manage to progress in your thougths ...

Public health:

There was fear of hatred and of PreP being used in the presidential election: no such thing! It is true that our (French) 'great national debate' has been a distressing void! Well ... Just a reminder: ICCARRE is now in the French recommendations.

My freedom:

Internet has become a megaphone for Fake news. The conditioning of the masses to compulsory vaccination shows that we are also going towards compulsory treatment (for all of us...). Ask yourself a question, at the time of copy / paste quickly: this blog is unique in its content. Why unique? No matter: we win the battle of ideas, lot remains to be done and our progress in 2017 was significant!

In the news

- More than a few hours to replay Cholesterol: the big bluff (or on youtube) otherwise enjoy the discussion in the show 'the scientific method'.

- gene therapy: quick! put me on Delta 32!

- ACTG A5353: A pilot study of dolutegravir plus lamivudine for initial treatment of HIV-1-infected participants with HIV-1 RNA < 500,000 copies/mL. That's good, we are making progress... Obviously, these patients will want to aleviate for maintenance ... Well ... Yes ...

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Experts hit parade 2017

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Experts Hit Parade - 2017

By Charles-Edouard!

Consequences of poor tritherapies management? Cessation... and... DEATH. The late Kevin Gagneul (†) left us his testimony, which fades into the Web limbos. I find this one: he names his therapies: new light on the question "could he have avoided death by being better cared for?". Can we do it differently and how? (see also here)

Kévin Gagneul militant vih association effets secondaires

Find his videos on Google. He smoked a lot, an aggravating factor: learn your lesson!

His death contradicts the Zeitgeist litany: "treatments are not toxic and well tolerated". My Arse! Here, no 'old' drugs: they are still marketed, very widely used, and apart from marginal improvements, the only real innovation is DTG.

This testimony remains relevant. Looking at the dates, we see that there were already known alternatives (NVP, FOTO, ICCARRE ...). The lucky ones (or the better-off?) already had access to alternative methods, which allowed them to remain under treatment.

Choose an expert doctor

The advantage of ICCARRE is the Autonomous mode, which nothing proves (following simple but imperative rules) its inferiority to the 'medicalized mode', especially if it is... bad!

Our Practical Guide has helped press ANRS, otherwise so slow. And our list of expert doctors gives you access.

After a banal 4/7, we can anticipate inevitable toxicity, go beyond, and visit an expert doctor. Given the almost total absence of offer and medical training, you can visit 20 doctors before finding a good one. Then repeat to find an expert in 4/7, then repeat again for a 3/7, etc. This is the advantage of the autonomous mode. If one whishes, despite any proof, to get 'medical' monitoring, the recursive characteristics of ICCARRE or the specificities of Mono-DTG invite you to go to the best, without wasting time with minons, let alone dummies ...

The caste's interest is to make you believe that one is well worth the other, which, obviously, is false. Your interest is to go to the most knowledgeable.

My practitioner, adulated and acclaimed, refused me 3 times a molecule change. At the third refusal, I understood, without changing my doctor so far: I feel more at home with a veritable Septist, identified as such, than with one whose extent of inexperience is unknown to me .

Trends in 2017

We are caught between a hammer and a hard place: we must help our readers to navigate (see our list of doctors) while the exercise is difficult. I put tendencies to guide somehow: do take this with caution. I'll see if there is a better method in 2018 ...

- The 190: became CEGGID (anonymous test center) ... They do something else ... Just know it: Sharply down
- Dr. P-M Girard: HIV veteran, new to 4/7, enters our list in 2017, slightly up.
- Dr. JY LIOTIER: HIV veteran, does 6/7 and 5/7. His patients are satisfied ... Will you get good advice for a 3/7? Yet to be seen...
- Dr. Leibowitch: IAS-2017 praised him, no less grumpy in 2017 than in 2016, inventor of 1/7: you can't beat that! At the highest (but not for Mono-DTG)
- Dr. Roland Landman: converted to 4/7, co-investigator in Quatuor. Contributes to its diffusion. Beyond ??? To be seen... Slightly up.
- Dr. de Truchis, co-investigator in ANRS-4D and Quatuor. Star without shine, he knows his turf: up!
- Pr. Christine Katlama: her attitude towards ICCARRE is borderline ethical fault (we will come back to this): Sharply down (and not starting from high ...)

Outside Paris

- Dr Hocqueloux (Orleans): Practices Mono-DTG or Bi-DTG, without failure... So, up.
- Pr Reynes Practices Bi-DTG, which will soon be mainstream... Slightly up
- Dr. Lafeuillade (Toulon): Put a name on Hypodolu... Since then... Nothing...
- Dr Raffi (Nantes): mediocre performance at IAS-2017: Sharply down
- Dr. Phillibert (Marseille): HIV veteran, new to 4/7.
- Pr Morlat: not in our list ... He mentions ICCARRE in his 'bible' (without naming it)


I do not have much info. Dr. Lanzafame (Verona) has taken leadership in Mono-DTG. His paper on Mono-DTG in naive patients saves the honor of medicine. So a very special badge!

In the news

- In the Figaro, it's haro on Luc Montagnier. Remember what Montagnier says: we will come back to it.

- Pierre Henri Gouyon: video: Inate / Acquired, sex / genre and also here: we learn things we will discuss in 2018.

- Lastly, the article on ANRS-4D: Antiretroviral maintenance treatment at four days per week in virologically-controlled HIV-1-infected adults: the ANRS 162-4D trial by Truchis et al. My page on the subject is much more fun!

Have a good Week, good Fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

true and false testimonials

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

True and FALSE testimonials

By Charles-Edouard!

False testimonies have poisoned the debate. They always took the form: "I have the friend of a friend who tried the aleviation (eg 5/7) her viral load exploded, she became multi-resistant and waits for her last hour (sic) ". Or a variant ... Whatever, it was always the same pattern, a nauseating rumor. Of course without the slightest detail on the so-called attempt. Partial and second-hand information.

Dr. Cal Cohen, father of FOTO, predicted:

Obviously, there were rules to be worked out.

They are developed from failures: successes do not teach us how to avoid failures.

Now, these kinds of 'testimonies', which would be useful if they were truthful and educated, have completely disappeared. ANRS-4D has nailed them!

This continuous flow, discouraging and irritating, has not dried up at the announcement of ANRS-4D's results, but at trial launch : the mere announcement of a promising trial, has put an end. That's enough to qualify this continuous and nauseating flow as FALSE testimonials ...

Real testimonies and obvious errors

I analyze, here, 2 credible testimonials, which reinforce the rules, difficult to establish, for lack of failures. They are not made for dogs, and one should take them into consideration: read carefully our Practical Guide 4/7 and Practical Guide Mono-DTG.

Painful Failure, under 5/7, with Stribild®

At the time, I had argued against such a double move: switch for Stribild® (out of Viramune®, on top of that...) and move directly to 5/7. The pillars of the experimental ICCARRE are: efficiency, progressivity, frequent VLs. In addition, Leibowitch was up against INIs. My argument was to be very careful with Stribild®. For short cycle, I'm sceptical! First tests with QUATUOR: results in ... 2020!

I argue, I argue ... One thing will stop me: the famous: "My doctor is OK with it and will help me".

It stops me completely: the patient gets a medical follow-up: I am left silent. This thing with medical monitoring always leaves me skeptical given the quality of the profession, however, the argument silences me.

Let's confront this experiment with our Practical Guide 4/7:

Efficiency Verification: Where is it ??? Before entering short cycle, we make sure that the combo is effective, in 7/7, for several months (ANRS-4D: at least 4, Practical Guide at least 6-12)
Progressivity: where is the 6/7 step ???
Frequent VLs: I think that it was done.

Risks identified after ... We could not know beforehand ... The patient is exposed to the so-called Achille's heel risk (previous use of RAL) and to the Quasimodo trap: the transition from Viramune® (NVP) reduces the dose plasma of DTG but also of EVG.

Classical Risks risk is coveredOK ? comments
Efficacitynot verified    verify over 4-6 months or more
ProgressivityNo     stonestep at 6/7
frequent VLYes   at month 1, 2, 4, 6, etc.
less classical risksrisk is understood? comments
Achille's HeelNo   moreover, EVG is not very powerfull
hunchback trapNo   especially when coming from de NVP
expert follow upNo (?)   go to an expert doctor
results 22.000 copies but, ICCARRE is not at fault

The catastrophe had been announced: it occurs!

Rightly so, you should not believe everything you read about aleviation

Here, the testimony is incomplete and (intentionally?) false

Here is the sequence. Very early (too early?), Dr. Bart Rijnders launches the DOMONO trial: everyone is very excited (too much?) by DOMONO: a trial without specific conditions to inclusion and with a comparator arm: the must-have. At first everything goes well and the news leaks out, which encourages more. While DOMONO has already started, Prof. Katlama announces, in a conference, that he has identified a major risk factor: Achilles' Heel: a clear risk if RAL or EVG has been used in the past. B. Rijnders continues, ignoring it.

Conversely, I warn as best as I can do, especially our witness (sauvenière). It exhausts me, because it is unexpected, difficult to explain, to understand and difficult to admit.

The 'witness', in denial, has an Achilles as big as the nose in the face: he comes from "Viramune® and Isentress®" (Again ...), in long-term success. More Achilles' Heel than that, you die! I insist then falls the (in)famous: "My doctor is OK with it and will help me".

All this is perfectly archived ... Then, Dr. José Blanco, in his presentation at CROI 2017, confirms our analysis. B. Rijnders refuses to revisit the data of his cohort and his protocol: the disaster is no surprise! It was not possible to know at launch of DOMONO, then, it became obvious during its course: the trial is invalid.

Our witness (sauvenière) lies when he says that he was well accompanied (no frequent VLs ...) and had the righrt profile. In fact, he had the worst profile, and he knew it. Victim of his own negligence, he prefers to accuse the strategy, rather than his imprudence: a scenario for Dr. House.

The nauseating medico-pharmaceutical mob will immediately rush into the breach.

Let's confront with our Practical Guide Mono-DTG

identified risksrisque is understood?OK ? comments
Achille's HeelNo    Beware of an history of RAL or EVG use!
Hunchback trapNo     double DTG for a few weeks
frequent VLsNo   Blood draw at month 1, 2, 4, 6
Adheranceyes   in experimental mode , this is important
expert helpNo (?)   choose expert help
Result rebound at 1000 copies but, Mono-DTG, well understood, is not at fault

A Good Practical Guide vs a bad doctor

In both cases, there is poor medical advice. Despite the absence of a Therapeutic Guide, a medicalized ICCARRE deploys in Maghreb, where doctors receive a 'training' full of errors! So, now, there is a risk due to poor medical monitoring. They CLAIM that ICCARRE will be medicalized or will not be WITHOUT quality medical training or Therapeutic Guide, so, we must expect the worst! Patients are more than ever on their own!

In the news

- The new site the Friends of ICCARRE is online! At long last!!!
- An interesting lecture by Dr. Arvieux on Youtube highlights the misallocation of budgetary resources: a very PRO-ICCARRE argument! (partial slides here)

- Dr. Dupagne explains: the discordant doctor is excluded from the scientific debate and becomes non-grata conferences! In Arte-Replay or on his blog

- These killer mini-drones made the buzz

- A choreographer dances for ICCARRE

- a controversy opens (finally!) on the actual contents of the reservoir ... To be continued ...

Have a good WeekEnd, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.