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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017: our best victories

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

2017: our best victories

By Charles-Edouard!

With Hypodolu, we move on to serious things:

I tried 2 Tivicay® + 1 Lamivudine in 1/7. Just peaked at 50 after 3 months ... I do not know what to think ... So I now do 3 Tivicay® in 1/7. We will soon see ... Very recently a reasoned reflection by a specialist raises the question of whether, for the 1/7, the Tivicay® ALONE would not be better, in fact, than accompanied. Indeed, it seems that the pharmacokinetics of Tivicay® ALONE is more favorable ... I'll check ... Happy holidays and let us know!

2017: victory on all fronts

I follow the line of my post: Welcome to 20 ... 1/7


Announced by ANRS in July 2016 (see my post ANRS-Quatuor has started), this very large trial (640 patients) of 4/7 has begun! ANRS took their time! Given the size of the trial, it should not go unnoticed!

Morlat 2017: ICCARRE enters the Hall of Fame

Our ticket: French Guidelines capitulate!: 4/7 is now official in the French recommendations, in conditions similar to trials: it could not be clearer. We even managed to get the message out at IAS-2017, even if it was cut out during editing ... (Of course the battle is not over)

Genvoya® authorized ... An error, in our view

Gilead has lowered his ambitions ... Authorities have authorized a drug that reduces the therapeutic options for alleviation (excluding Mono-DTG, Bi-Cycle, Mono-Cycle, Hypodolu, or 3/7 ICCARRIEN ...) Bravo! If Stribild® / Genvoya® in 4/7 is invalidated by Quatuor (which is quite possible...), what a frustration for patients! If, conversely, it passes, what about 3/7?

The Achilles heel

In our post the ten green bottles, Dr. Blanco confirms, without restriction, our analysis. As long as the suspicion remains, stay away from Isentress®, Stribild® or Genvoya®.


The results of DOMONO have been published. As the authors have avoided an analysis alla Blanco (Achilles heel) it is a total confusion (just read the body of the article). We learn that failures are without prejudice for patients and especially are not the result of a low dosage. We denounced that efficacy is not dependent ONLY on the dose. Since failures are not dose-dependent, it is concluded that the successes are not dose-dependent either. Viral replication only 'sees' 2 things: dose and genetics (of the virus). DOMONO reinforces the hypothesis that efficacy depends on the history of the virus and little on the dose: so if one has a very wild virus, one can modulate the dose. This is precisely what we could do with an Absolutegravir, a concept that allows to understand DOMONO.


Dr. Lanzafame saves the honor of medicine with his First-line Mono-DTG: work in progress!


ViiV will do its best and conquer market share. Juluca® (DTG + RPV) is announced! Paddle and Lamidol have confirmed DTG + 3TC. Results of ACTG A5353 are published: Dolutegravir plus lamivudine as first-line treatment - Perfect! Yet nobody talks about it... Mobidip prefers IP + 3TC ... What will Gilead do?

Leibowitch under spotlights, the Eclipse too!

Dr. Leibowitch has given us a good paper on medical ethics, and Caroline Petit an easy-to-read synthesis (link to the original, in english); the new ICCARRE site is now online (we expect that it will beef up in 2018 ...), which explains why we will discuss ICCARRE less in 2018, and gear up: 1/7 and remission: I already showed that we could go well beyond the banal 1/7. We conceptualized the Eclipse's equation. I even wrote a sketch of dynamic theories: classical, relative and even quantum eclipse (yes ...), but ... Given the lack of scientific reflection on the subject, we are not not in a hurry.

Trump and Big Pharma

Yes! Donald Trump has promised to tackle caviar drug prices! Well... We did not see much...


Doctors and patients require less opacity in clinical trials. Trust but check. Our summer series has forestalled all the nonsense we now see about DOMONO. Our readers, duly warned, do not let themselves be fooled. In the same way we will dismount START (summer 2018): we already started with TREMPANO. You are being deceived ... Moreover, you will find here an interesting discussion where an activist defends the idea that it is the responsibility of activists to hide the truth from patients in order to 'protect' the people. To which Dr. Vernazza (author of the Swiss statement) replies that patients have the right to know and that it is not up to the doctor to give a selective presentation.

U = U: finally, a campaign makes a hit

Here is the official website. Associations, including French, fought tooth and nail the Swiss declaration. I will soon post some news. They rallied to it, after years of fighting back, without the slightest mea culpa. Not sure we will forgive them...

Practical Guides

This is the power of this blog: a Practical Guide for 4/7, for Mono-DTG, a list of doctors and, since 2017, a hit parade of drugs and doctors. And a practical tip: the 000 capsule. With that, if you can't manage to progress in your thougths ...

Public health:

There was fear of hatred and of PreP being used in the presidential election: no such thing! It is true that our (French) 'great national debate' has been a distressing void! Well ... Just a reminder: ICCARRE is now in the French recommendations.

My freedom:

Internet has become a megaphone for Fake news. The conditioning of the masses to compulsory vaccination shows that we are also going towards compulsory treatment (for all of us...). Ask yourself a question, at the time of copy / paste quickly: this blog is unique in its content. Why unique? No matter: we win the battle of ideas, lot remains to be done and our progress in 2017 was significant!

In the news

- More than a few hours to replay Cholesterol: the big bluff (or on youtube) otherwise enjoy the discussion in the show 'the scientific method'.

- gene therapy: quick! put me on Delta 32!

- ACTG A5353: A pilot study of dolutegravir plus lamivudine for initial treatment of HIV-1-infected participants with HIV-1 RNA < 500,000 copies/mL. That's good, we are making progress... Obviously, these patients will want to aleviate for maintenance ... Well ... Yes ...

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

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