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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Experts hit parade 2017

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Experts Hit Parade - 2017

By Charles-Edouard!

Consequences of poor tritherapies management? Cessation... and... DEATH. The late Kevin Gagneul (†) left us his testimony, which fades into the Web limbos. I find this one: he names his therapies: new light on the question "could he have avoided death by being better cared for?". Can we do it differently and how? (see also here)

Kévin Gagneul militant vih association effets secondaires

Find his videos on Google. He smoked a lot, an aggravating factor: learn your lesson!

His death contradicts the Zeitgeist litany: "treatments are not toxic and well tolerated". My Arse! Here, no 'old' drugs: they are still marketed, very widely used, and apart from marginal improvements, the only real innovation is DTG.

This testimony remains relevant. Looking at the dates, we see that there were already known alternatives (NVP, FOTO, ICCARRE ...). The lucky ones (or the better-off?) already had access to alternative methods, which allowed them to remain under treatment.

Choose an expert doctor

The advantage of ICCARRE is the Autonomous mode, which nothing proves (following simple but imperative rules) its inferiority to the 'medicalized mode', especially if it is... bad!

Our Practical Guide has helped press ANRS, otherwise so slow. And our list of expert doctors gives you access.

After a banal 4/7, we can anticipate inevitable toxicity, go beyond, and visit an expert doctor. Given the almost total absence of offer and medical training, you can visit 20 doctors before finding a good one. Then repeat to find an expert in 4/7, then repeat again for a 3/7, etc. This is the advantage of the autonomous mode. If one whishes, despite any proof, to get 'medical' monitoring, the recursive characteristics of ICCARRE or the specificities of Mono-DTG invite you to go to the best, without wasting time with minons, let alone dummies ...

The caste's interest is to make you believe that one is well worth the other, which, obviously, is false. Your interest is to go to the most knowledgeable.

My practitioner, adulated and acclaimed, refused me 3 times a molecule change. At the third refusal, I understood, without changing my doctor so far: I feel more at home with a veritable Septist, identified as such, than with one whose extent of inexperience is unknown to me .

Trends in 2017

We are caught between a hammer and a hard place: we must help our readers to navigate (see our list of doctors) while the exercise is difficult. I put tendencies to guide somehow: do take this with caution. I'll see if there is a better method in 2018 ...

- The 190: became CEGGID (anonymous test center) ... They do something else ... Just know it: Sharply down
- Dr. P-M Girard: HIV veteran, new to 4/7, enters our list in 2017, slightly up.
- Dr. JY LIOTIER: HIV veteran, does 6/7 and 5/7. His patients are satisfied ... Will you get good advice for a 3/7? Yet to be seen...
- Dr. Leibowitch: IAS-2017 praised him, no less grumpy in 2017 than in 2016, inventor of 1/7: you can't beat that! At the highest (but not for Mono-DTG)
- Dr. Roland Landman: converted to 4/7, co-investigator in Quatuor. Contributes to its diffusion. Beyond ??? To be seen... Slightly up.
- Dr. de Truchis, co-investigator in ANRS-4D and Quatuor. Star without shine, he knows his turf: up!
- Pr. Christine Katlama: her attitude towards ICCARRE is borderline ethical fault (we will come back to this): Sharply down (and not starting from high ...)

Outside Paris

- Dr Hocqueloux (Orleans): Practices Mono-DTG or Bi-DTG, without failure... So, up.
- Pr Reynes Practices Bi-DTG, which will soon be mainstream... Slightly up
- Dr. Lafeuillade (Toulon): Put a name on Hypodolu... Since then... Nothing...
- Dr Raffi (Nantes): mediocre performance at IAS-2017: Sharply down
- Dr. Phillibert (Marseille): HIV veteran, new to 4/7.
- Pr Morlat: not in our list ... He mentions ICCARRE in his 'bible' (without naming it)


I do not have much info. Dr. Lanzafame (Verona) has taken leadership in Mono-DTG. His paper on Mono-DTG in naive patients saves the honor of medicine. So a very special badge!

In the news

- In the Figaro, it's haro on Luc Montagnier. Remember what Montagnier says: we will come back to it.

- Pierre Henri Gouyon: video: Inate / Acquired, sex / genre and also here: we learn things we will discuss in 2018.

- Lastly, the article on ANRS-4D: Antiretroviral maintenance treatment at four days per week in virologically-controlled HIV-1-infected adults: the ANRS 162-4D trial by Truchis et al. My page on the subject is much more fun!

Have a good Week, good Fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

Feel free to comment, to like to share and to use

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

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