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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stribild (tm): No Thanks!

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

Stribild (tm): No Thanks!
Stribild ®: no thank you!

Whew, I dodged!

My doctor, yet rather no evokes Stribild ®, without enthusiasm ... A wide range of side effects ... And besides, I did not ask him ... It fills the conversation. The idea of ​​trying even that modest 4/7 with INI first generation of Raltegravir me-too, did not inspire me too. (See Article hilarious on me-too-climb, the copies marginal improvement).

Especially as exposure to an INI first generation (RAL or EVG) exposed to mutations, which, for once, are embarrassing: they facilitate resistance INI second generation (including DTG)

HYPO-DOLU EACS 2015 Barcelona monotherapy Tivicay dolutegravir Rojas Barcelona Paddle The results of monotherapy Tivicay ® are trying to filter 100% success in naïve patients or RAL EVG (ie user never Isentress ® or Stribild ®). Too bad for them ...

Users Isentress ® or Stribild ®, second line, have nothing to regret.

The arguments which placed Stribild ® first choice (among the 3 or 4 recommended as first line treatment recommendations) were admissible. Are they still? Indeed, the opinion of the HAS should interpellate patients and physicians:
If it simplifies the administration of antiretroviral regimen (1 cp / d) STRIBILD ® has not shown improved efficiency, has a low genetic barrier to resistance, many drug interactions and requires kidney surveillance.

Stribild ® costing the community 950 Euros / month. But with no possibility of reduction or simplification: it is 11400 Euros / year, at least 20 years (at least 20, because of the co-formulation patents with TAF) or 228,000 Euros.
I hope that this calculation can reflect souls frightened by the price of Sovaldi ®: 45.000 for a treatment that heals him, at least. 3 months of treatment and basta, it's over!
Stribild ® is for life! No remission. The perfect trap.

One would consider militant actions for the state put up then these health heist: the opinion of the HAS (no clinical benefit, low barrier to resistance, ...) should have been enough to justify considering its partial withdrawal from the market, which, at least in its partial delisting (or selective).

The negligence of the state, and the CEPS, has not escaped anyone. But now ... Gain case Stribild ® is being relegation. Nobody wants to frontline for the impasse, which was already perceptible now obvious:
HYPO-DOLU EACS 2015 Barcelona monotherapy Tivicay dolutegravir Katlama

For patients who have never been exposed to these INI first generation monotherapy DTG, maintenance walking ... 100%. The results are intermediaries (24 Weeks). They were presented at EACS-2015. See summaries in English. The French translation will be available soon.

The ViiV Healthcare ® marketing teams will go Trompeter everywhere.

We bet they forget to remember that the effect of DTG in monotherapy continues several days after the arrest, and that the half-life of inhibition is ... 4 days.

As the infected cell does not survive that long in practice, inhibition is irreversible.


It's simple: the infected cell dies before DTG coming off integrase. (This is a simplification, to illustrate the general concept)
4 days of inhibition of integrase (at least ...) ... Why gorging Tivicay ® every day?

A good dose once a week, and voila.

Of course, if one has already taken Stribild ®, it will not be that simple ...

If, you, you did not read in the "Media" you read, make no mistake, in the headquarters, it's gossip. Besides ... Why have you not read in your media? The information she interfere? Yet it is detailed in this article about i-base.

I, who remember my refusal Stribild ®, I so please, a posteriori: I was right to refuse Stribild ® and same goes for Genvoya ®.

The position of CEPS, which reflects the relative position of drugs with each other, will power (duty?) To be reassessed, since the relative position of Stribild ® will power (duty?) To be reevaluated ...

Triple therapy for Dad: it's over! Read this article on i-base

To repeat: 95% of patients, stable and undetectable, are unnecessary and harmful on-medication!

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