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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our data are robust

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

Our data are robust

Who cares ... Our data is robust ...

BREATHER multicenter, randomized, with control arm, 100 patients in each arm: concrete

FOTO ICCARRE ANRS-162-4D anthony faucy breather

A BREATHER alone counts as much as any other combined tests.

I thought part of an ultra-minority, sectarian drift, with an improbable guru and listen (loop) the interview; I transcribed and translated here.
Bibliography: This doctor, pragmatic, Notre-Dame Hospital of it is the very Catholic Dublin as a guru? Where is the forked tail?
Our data is robust ... So no need for speculations, conjectures, hypotheses, handle effect ...

life of the molecule? The question he is asked by Dr. Cal Cohen (emotion ... it's the doctor who 'invented' FOTO, the 5/7 ...).

Dr. K. Butler, is comfortable. Its data are robust ... Yes, EFV (efavirenz) may be favorable, but half of the patients was on AZT [whose life is short] ...

Concentration of the molecule? Phil interview tries his luck ...
Dr. K. Butler, is comfortable. It has well-preserved specimens ... No dosage ... What good ... Who cares, after all ... The data are robust ... What else?

With a test as well built, it was confidence. One does not read the coffee grounds.

Breather HIV Efavirenz Atripla HIV virologic failure Butler virologic failure viral rebound? Mutations? Yes and so ???

resistors ?? : Nay! In this essay, here too, all in 5/7 patients, who had viral rebound (with or without detectable mutation) were all re-deleted by a simple return to 7/7. How simple?

In this trial, as in all others (FOTO, FAUCY), all patients who do not validate the 5/7, resuppriment a simple return to 7/7.

No change of TRI. There is no exception! 210 patients, and not one who finds himself in trouble.

Infected at birth: 8, 10, 15, 20 years of HIV in boots. Probably even more than my doctor!

So our doctors are they at fault? And what are we waiting for ??

Mine, he knows Leibowitch, he respects, he does not denigrate it waits ... He is waiting for what ??

Marisol make a decision or is fired? ... A decision ??? Marisol, a decision ???
For him, Breather, Foto, Faucy is Chinese ... He does not even know it exists!

Normal ... Who would talk to him? A health visitor? A hospital Mandarin? ... You dream.
And the patient, she is waiting for what ?? Thawing ???

I have taken care to gather the short cycle test: FOTO, FAUCY, ICCARRE-1, BREATHER, ICCARRE-2.

The press BREATHER is not kosher for Anthony Faucy, ICCARRE not Kasher, for Butler, Leibo, Foto, Faucy? Never mentioned!

And each of these tests are in an impenetrable English, on blast media, to years apart. Here, at least, you have everything at hand!

Are our physicians at fault? Our media are they at fault?

For Dr. Leibowitch,

"It is possible to fight against the over-medicalization, to break the dogma of continuous treatment without waiting for the endless rewriting of new regulatory recommendations."

The patient is clueless ... You amaze me! ...
We said, "Wait ... Wait ... An ongoing trial ..." C'mon! Courage! ... Flee! ... Who to say that there is not a current test 4 but conclusive tests and, in addition, it is true, is in progress ...
Me ... On my almost deserted island in 1/7, I leave to come ... The cuts will win and convince.

What patient, after confirming its x / 7, will, of itself back to 7/7? Viral rebound may compel ... certainly ... but surely not fabrications, speculation, denigration, and other nonsense witch trials and medium-ageuses.

The consequences of poor management of HAART? The stop ... and ... DEATH. The late Kevin Gagneul (†) left us his testimony, inheritance. It reads:

I mismanaged my bet on triple therapy [...] I did everything ultimately shatter [...] Now this was my biggest mistake. [...]
I mismanaged ... I ... I ...

In 2015, the range of treatment options is such that the fault is not the government, not the doctor, but I, the patient ... Well ... yes!

That non-decision makers, those who decide not, have the conscience suicides, deaths, complications consecutive to the rupture of the protective undetectable.

We, we advance ... Whatever ... Our data is robust ... And I, always in 1/7, on Monday ...

Why bother?

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