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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Quatuor Trial has started

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

Quatuor Trial has started

By Charles Edouard!

Shortages: here is a testimony from Greece:

Today in Greece, Venezuela (rich country), Russia, Ukraine, soon in Spain, they have ARV shortages. Here is for Greece, and Venezuela.

Soon will come sanitary migration? Shortages where you live or in France ??? Which does not produce ARVs? Biggest producer of butter and we have shortages at the supermarkets (I did not believe it, but I saw, and made my stock). In the USA, where IRMA has devastated the ARV producers in Puerto Rico, Florida is in trouble... You have seen the circus with Levothyrox. We must anticipate!

ANRS-Quatuor officially announced

Quatuor Quartet Hiv vih cure FOTO Truchis allègement ANRS trial
I have already posted Quatuor and Strategy # 1, followed by
Quatuor and Strategy # 2, and
French Guidelines just killed Quatuor

See the dedicated page (see comments and discussions)

It officially appears, for the first time, in August 2017, and is registered under number NCT03256422. Last week, (2017-10-04), ANRS published, on its site, the technical sheet, so, this time, it is a go!

You will hardly find any news in your usual medias: does that surprises you ?

ANRS-Quatuor and veterans

A totally false idea is circulating: aleviation should exclude veterans. A priori, we can think this way, but science shows the opposite. Science and trials serve to defeat misconceptions that are harmful to patients: the earth is not flat! Veterans are eligible. You have to pass genotype selection, maybe a bit problematic. In any case, it is enough to refer to the datasheet: there is no restriction on age, NADIR CD4, Zenith RNA, CD4/CD8 ratio, or reservoir. Nada.

ANRS-Quartet: better late than never?

The saying goes ... The reality is much more distressing: 15-20 years late! A very first article appears here, in 2000, by Act-up. So no! One can not let the thing pass, forgive, as if nothing had happened. Patients, thus blundered, will be entitled to claim accountability to retardants: Prs Delfraissy, then director ANRS, Molina and Katlama, as animators of the AC5 committee (AC = Coordinated Action, coordinated with ... with ... Follow my eyes...)

The demonstrated ability to do ICCARRE (with frequent VL) by oneself (without a doctor) has probably played a positive role in confronting ANRS, a mere retardant. Waiting for ANRS is a mistake!

Do not forget, do not forgive, the fault is too serious! Of the same order of magnitude as the contaminated blood scandal. People have died of bad medication: never forget it!

ANRS: nothing in the pipelines... So what ???

Quatuor Quartet Hiv vih cure FOTO Truchis allègement ANRS trial
The new ANRS director, Pr François Dabis, says, refering to aleviation, that there are no new ideas in the pipeline. What a great simpleton! Does he not realize that when one has ZERO intrinsic failures in a trial (ANRS-4D), this means that there is no valid argument for patients, still very demanding, to stick to 4/7. Which argument against whoever would like to go 3/7. If well performed, the risk, at 4/7, is Zero (or epsilon, we will see): no risk, we can go further: this is a normal reasoning, which will emerge among patients: do not initiate an exploratory trial is guilty or imbecile, or both... ICCARRE 1/7 already gives us some clues...

A research organization, that does only does validation trials (for the great benefit of Big Pharma) of techniques already explored, and even already authorized, is ridicule!

Quartet, Stribild® / Genvoya® and Viramune®

I only know one attempt, ill-planned, of 5/7 under Stribild®: failure! Conversely, Nevirapine (NVP) works: why exclude it? Virology doesn't lack morons ...

ANRS-Quartet: I do not participate, what to do?

There is no moral, ethical or legal limitation to do for oneself. Even more, the French Guidelines do authorize 4/7. So, with or without a doctor, especially with frequent CV control, you can move forward (see the Practical Guide). Refer to the Quatuor Inclusion Conditions, or ANRS-4D. The ANRS-4D data sheet has disappeared from ANRS website (sic!) ... We have a copy in the complete file.

It should be remembered that nobody has the exclusivity or the privilege on personal experimentation. Nobody ... The advantage of ICCARRE is that the patient has all the tools available (try self-experimenting with injectables,if you can: you do not have access).

Let's compare the advance Autonomous mode, with the trial mode:

Importants points If included in the trial Autonomous mode
Inclusions criteriaEnforced (scrupulously?)To follow scrupulously
Genotype reading mandatory preferred
Eligibles TRI Almost all (exept NVP) Almost all (NVP: OK, EVG : No)
Is is known beforehand No but small (ANRS-4D) No but small (ANRS-4D)
Accounted for Yes No
immidiate start No Yes
autorized by... ANRS french Guidelines (CNS/ANRS)
allows for stock No Yes
Donations (PreP...) No Yes, this is generous
Avandtages Includes Stribild®/Genvoya® Includes NVP, immediate start
Disadvantages delayed start / no slots frequent VL cost

In the news

flu vaccine: a warning from Dr Dupagne: The dangers of the flu vaccine are not those that you think. I will not get that shot!

Legal opioids: In the USA, the explosion of lethal overdoses with (illicit) opioids logically follows the over-prescription of (licit!) opioid drugs, largely encouraged by the medico-pharmaceutical mob. When in France?

Levothyrox: they suddenly switched 3 million patients (probably 1-2 million suckers): 15,000 report side effects; The ANSM blaims doctors for not adjusting dosage (cf Le Monde): yes, many are morons: one only realizes now?

Short Cycle Meeting: by amis d'ICCARRE (Oct. 12). Good idea, to be renewed...

Feel free to comment, to like to share and to use

Have a good Week, good fuck and do not abuse of meds/drugs

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

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