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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome to the club

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

Welcome to the club

welcome to the club!

Hello hardly unknown in my country.

A friend wrote me:
I start the discussion with my doctor next week.

The new version of the Guide explicitly includes a prompt to download and give it to the doctor.
And leave the ... Thanks in advance ... The returns have on hand will always be useful.
The protocol is well oiled. New, older want the 'welcome to the club.'
And rehash the acquired truths: it is not like before ... The toxicities are observed in far fewer patients. That is true

Once undetectable, you can forget the hood (in ad hoc circumstances), it is no longer contaminant can have children by natural means, everything is covered 100% And all this is true ... Take your pill once a day and basta ...

Salaams joyless

Then the new leaf a little, and falls inexorably on the forums: emaciated, weight gain, fatigue, dentist. It's manageable, but it's boring: pharmacy every month, taken daily without fail, insecurity about the future of the ALD

This is the judicial lifetime for a moment of distraction: you are at fault, you are punished: LIFE without remission. It really is that? It heals the incurable hepatitis C and for us .. nothing ... ?? In 2015 ???

The truth is the must for those in need:
On a file of 120 patients, in Garches, a hundred are already in the 4/7 relief (or better) including a dozen have already reached the 1/7. Other progress, confidence, towards that goal.
This is not a promise, but the invitation to enter early in treatment, to enter earlier in the long bevel relief and finally reach the 1/7 (weekly intake).

Modern treatments are effective: the patient 'modern' must be aware of and remove to itself (and not for the firm ...) the real benefit.
This is true for the young (8 years Breather), the most 'vintage' (84 years ICCARRE-2), which is jetset, Paris, Ugandans Siamese (see Breather ...) or provincial (including Belle Province ...)
It's true that truth attested: it is added modestly to salaams, the kind hospitality:
Iccarre HIV test HIV cure AIDS relief program Tivicay
There, it makes you want to say welcome to the club

The question some works: There will he a combo attack which facilitates the path to the 1/7 (weekly single dose)? In your opinion ?

The news is full of innovations: the work of Weinberg, Dr. Massimiliano Lanzafame, patent Leibowitch, monotherapy Tivicay ® ...

On Monday, for the first time, is my new weekly day single dose
Sunday is my day of relaxation, frolicking: Good Weekend and good fuck!

Hello hardly unknown in my country.

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