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Saturday, October 3, 2015

DOMONO trial

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

DOMONO trial

DOMONO test: Tivicay ® monotherapy

Before Hypo-Dolu ... go through Mono-Dolu: a revolutionary single agent, I have undertaken to detail here ...

The way to get to 1/7 (weekly jack) involves passing by boxes, and breaks (like the board game): Case undetectable, pause 1 year to start.

In Hypo-Dolu proposal, the path is simple and continues:
MONO-DOLU box, pause 1 year. etc.
It may be possible to consider SINGLE DOLU as attack treatment without going through the tri-therapy box.
The latter, in maintenance therapy, is now available in experimental clinical trial registered under number: NCT02401828, detailed here:

Iccarre DOMONO HIV HIV treatment dolutegravir NCT02401828 thebody Hypodolu

Test 48 weeks, unmasked, randomized phase IV. The aim of this study is to evaluate if the removal can be maintained by DTG monotherapy.

104 adults infected with HIV-1 will be randomized into 2 experimental arm. The first arm will undertake the direct passage. This population will pass directly from the stable triple therapy to monotherapy DTG.

The second arms undertake, but later, after 24 weeks. This group will remain on HAART, waiting for 24 weeks and then go after those 24 weeks IGT monotherapy.

The main objective is to verify that dolutegravir mono-therapy, maintenance is non-inferior to conventional maintenance triple therapy.

With a test on a patient hundred, proposal, transcribed into French, Dr. Mark Wainberg, arrives in the clinic.

That alone would be a major improvement, and accessible to all, not just a small clique of well-connected people.
Go Jan. In 2017 ... Things are moving ...
Note that the ANRS LAMIDOL is announced ... Bi-therapy Tivicay ® and Lamivudine (Epivir ® or generic). It's less glamorous, but with the support of ANRS, visibility is better. We also move there ...
The maintenance of undetectable monotherapy DTG is interesting, but not an insurmountable horizon: it is necessary to consider continuing with the reduction 5/7, 4/7 up to 1/7 ...

Among the things that do not move under weekly single dose in HYPO-DOLU, on Monday ... is the immunological response, still good.
That reassures me a little ... Everything was already very well in quadruple 1/7 (ICCARRE)
ICCARRE immunology tank ratio CD4 CD8 immune system cells lymphogramme

Note added 10.22.2015: the first results start to come out at EACS 2015

Good weekend and good fuck!

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