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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A practical guide to 4/7

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

A practical guide to 4/7 The Practical Guide 4/7
Just after the blood test, I take my meds (for the week at once).
Presto, after taking blood, on Monday morning, and presto! It's finish !
Iccarre HIV cure HIV AIDS testing protocol guide relief memento Jacques Leibowitch

We know explain how Tivicay ® (dolutegravir) is different (higher ...) to other molecules and therefore allows to reinvent treatment.
Where Leibowitch had believed succeed (Stalingrad test) definitively, it has, in fact, that the enemy content and, through trial and error, developed a method which is not bad at all .. .
But aside from that, it's dolutegravir the atomic bomb: nothing grows back.

Mark Wainberg (McGill, Montreal) published an overview and explains why ... It discusses resistance INI and their impact on reservoirs and possible eradication of HIV.

The article, in English, is here:
Integrase Strand Transfer record Resistance against Inhibitors and Relevance to HIV Persistence
Worth for dolutegravir, but not other INI (Isentress ® RAL or Stribild ® EVG). I will put a French translation soon ...

With Hypo-Dolu on newcomer, we have to move ... Hypo-Dolu he makes ICCARRE obsolete? In any case, he puts the spotlight on ICCARRE ... Those who, like me, have followed a method ICCARRIENNE, will know that they are good candidates for HYPO-DOLU

So my Field Guide remains valid ...
For a given patient, if ICCARRE 4/7 with TRIUMEQ ® does not work, then there is no chance that HYPO-DOLU walking
So ICCARRE remains in the race!

Tomorrow, Sunday, sleep and weekly intake, I did not need breakfast ...

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