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Monday, May 1, 2017

beyond 1/7

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

The other side of the 1/7 mirror

By Charles Edouard!

A tribute to Patrick Valas, the first ICCARRE blogger: the only known mention on better than 1/7!

Dixit Leibowitch:

They dreamed of it, Charles-Edouard did it!

The Eclipse lasts ... from 7 to 35 (*) j ... Thus ...

 # intake  1 / X   VL  
1 7   <20  
2 9
3 9
4 9
5 9
6 9
7 9
811   <20  
9 11
10 11
11 11   <20  
12 11
13 11
14 12   <20  
15 11
16 11   <20  
17 14
18 13   <20  
19 14
20 15   <20  
21 14
22 14   <20  
23 14
24 14
25 15   <20  
26 16
2717  <20  
2919  <20  
3022  <20  
3222  <20  

Obviously, protocolization implies that we limit ourselves to 1/7 ... Yes, but Leibowitch's recipe is a MOAB (mother of all bombs)! And it works wonders. When one is in the right alignment of stars, that one is not bound to the injunctions of the Master, that one writes regularly on 4/7, 1/7, well, one asks necessarily the question: what about beyond 1/7: Exactly as Leibowitch evoked it; 2 or 1/10, then on 14, etc ... We will go to look for the limits of our own system, and then adjust.

Its miracle is the Eclipse

He or She, infedded or not even concerned, does not rule: the Virus is the sole decider, it rules as an absolute master, and its miracle is the Eclipse!

As long as the Virus does not go up, it does not go up: it's just as simple as that. There is no known reliable predictor, not even proviral DNA as demonstrated, conversely, CHUN in Toronto: moreover we don't give a damn: you measure the Eclipse, then YOU decide.

The table opposite is my ICCARRE schedule beyond 1/7, with 1/X going on, without the slightest blip, up to 1/22, easy... Beyond, at 1/27, it trips... Fine ... We make a note... The 190 eligible and observing patients have ZERO intrinsic failures at 4/7, and now we quibble to launch the QUATUOR trial!

With this experiment, I learned a lot...
In retrospect, I should have done an analytical interruption, with a weekly step: Ananworanich tells us that the average is at approx. 21 j. (*): I'm just an average patient! Nothing special! And this was before Dolutegravir (Tivicay ®) arrival which opens new horizons.
Well ... So when I 'm being told that I'm in tow behind Leibowitch, it makes me smile ... This is no beauty contest. It is a strategy based on observable facts: I have an eclipse of a little less than a month, so I set the cursor at 15 days.

With the good old patent, I made almost an entire year at 1/14 and better, just count the days on the table ;-)

I passed the 6 months beacon with the wonderful Tivicay® 50mg + 3TC 300mg: 5 months on Sat. + Sun and 1 month on Sundays, double dose: always <20!

We are May 1st and I try again at 1/15, ie, Remission-24 (I will explain ...) with a whole new method.

What to do with the advice of good old Pr. Péronne, who orders to wait for the end of that trial, then for the next one, and then whatever else? I plug them where they deserve to be!

Happy MayDay, good fuck, and not too many meds! OK?

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

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