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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

French guidelines authorize 4/7

French guidelines authorize 4/7

By Charles-Edouard!

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translate for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

In memoriam to Greg, a fighter who passed away in Jan. 2017, and had written:

Farewell, friend ... Overdose for a pathology impairs the treatment of others. Overdose of Tritherapies ... How many deaths?

Morlat capitulates! You didn't know ??

ICCARRE SFLS morlat 2016 2017 allègement ANRS recommandations
In France, the 'experts' report serves as guidelines, is written under the auspices of ANRS (and bears the name of its main author, Pr. Morlat: It has become 'A Confederacy of Dunces', a kind of biblical vademecum. Cite it and you are left alone, but if it is not in there, you are doomed...

This is the dung of the mind, but as it is worse elsewhere, we have to bear with it...

As early as 2016, it is known that the famous Morlat report will authorize ICCARRE 4/7; See my post here. This is presented at SFLS (Oct. 2016, p.17)

Well, since it's announced, we wait for the final text, so to share a laugh ...

Written in Nov. 2016, but online in Jan. 2017: no one dares talk about it ... You could look for it forever... It is well hidden in the bottom of a drawer: it is here! Lucky You! Now, you know about it.

How can traitor media be confounded?

The Morlat report aims at being a consensus ... This is not the case: cf the controversy by Pr. RAFFI ... It is the convergence of interests, of those who write it (we will come back to this!)

We can stand the lack of credibility, under the auspices of the ANRS, for a short while... At one point, they have to throw in the towel ...

The (bribed?) media-enemies of ICCARRE are defeated: their silence is deafening!

As usual, this is simple: you list your favorite media and you mark the date when the information is on their ticker. It speaks volumes!

Victory: Decrease in the number of days of treatment: Discontinuous

ICCARRE rapport philippe Morlat 2016 2017 allègement ANRS recommandations

Full Victory! Then, admit the whole truth!

Victory that they would like to hide, for you will have noticed the trick: there is no mention of the FAUCY-DYBUL, FOTO, or ICCARRE trials: they would have to admit an enormous and reprehensible delay!

And Dr. Faucy and Dybul (trial NCT00339456 in 2010), Dr. Cal Cohen (FOTO in 2004) and Dr. J. Leibowitch (ICCARRE as early as 2010) ?? Do they suck??? Or are they the marker of your guilty denial?

Since you can consider 4/7 under conditions similar to those of the studies carried out, why not learn about all these studies?... No?

The simplest way is the Practical Guide. You will see immediately if you can consider be included in case by case. Rest assured! 90% of patients are eligible: you are most likely one of these cases ...

Otherwise, you will still have Tivicay® monotherapy, which I must tell you, at first sight of the DOMONO trial (PDF here), it is not encouraging, except if you take into account the selection algorithm. As a precautionary measure, Tivicay® + Lamivudine combination therapy is interesting, even if you have not been able to avoid the Achille's Heel Trojan Horse.

Good Weekend and good fuck!

This was originally published here, in French. We provide this translate for your convenience, practical aspects may differ where you live.

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