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Saturday, August 29, 2015

BREATHER: Fiat Lux !

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

BREATHER: Fiat Lux !

Breather: Fiat Lux ...!

The truth awaits the dawn next to a candle. The window glass is neglected.

The tests, the results are convincing. They were already there. Others come ... Facts are stubborn ... The information is sparse. Each in a different newspaper, to years of differences, in English ... Whatever ... just gather the facts.

It's pretty exciting in itself. Better than a whodunit ... One draws the ball and through the frosted glass is observed.

Breather: Fiat Lux ...!

All major media covered that concern us CROI 2015, the USA. All were there ... Postponed Breather: aidsmap (UK), i-based (UK), (FR). etc., etc ? Really ?? No...

On the other major support (US, CA, DE ...): it's radio silence ... A silence that speaks.

The webcast is yet in the politically correct ... So there will be material to search ...
Breather changes the game ... The cumulative number of patients in 5/7, published, was 20 + 50 + 50 (Photo Faucy, Iccarre-1).
Add Breather: ca 220 double! When we have ANRS 162-4D, there will be 320, and fifty more Garches: we approach the 400 ... As long as Canada and make a difference ...

400 is the target of a marketing authorization or FDA test ... Well enough for RTU ...

We give (sit ...) Efavirenz + AZT to young people, including kids 8 years!

Those who were lucky enough (sic) had Atripla ® instead ... we understand the motivation of doctors!

BREATHER HIV kids children child HIV AIDS MSF Efavirenz
4 million infected children, 2 million children waiting for treatment, 1 to 2 million under EFV + ZDV (XTC +), 250,000 newly infected each year!

So yes ... Breather is a major information

Yet young people, they do not care ... What they kiffent: the weekend of freedom with friends, thinking ... mmm ... something else ...

They were as much to remain undetectable ... Youth of Breather ... and me too for that matter!

Breather HIV viral load HIV viral load undetectable limit of detection Atripla ICCARRE

Good Night and Good wad young! You is foooooormidables !!!

Here ... indignant and rebellious! In ICCARRE 1/7 after my breakfast. Sunday, rose Four color is NADA all week! And Hypo-Dolu is kif: that happiness ...

The truth awaits the dawn next to a candle. The window glass is neglected.

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