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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 is over

2016 is over

Our take on 2016

by Charles-Edouard!
This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

This blog is a useful read, it was a good idea to move your ass!

The Achilles heel

Patients are interested by Tivicay ® monotherapy, as expected! If you had a failure with Stribild® / Genvoya® or Isentress® do not even risk it: it's in the red. Does the red zone extend to previous users of Stribild® / Genvoya® or Isentress® without failure? In a first approach (Katlama), this is a gray zone, dark gray ... With 20% of failures in this population, it is risky! For those who have never taken Isentress ® or Stribild ® / Genvoya ®, the risk is lower. Is it zero? We will see ... Especially since the Achille's Heel is written on the patient's DNA, therefore, can be transmitted.

Achille's Heel ... Achille's Heel ... Yes ... For those who have it, de facto, they are not at fault... We did not know ... It is the Fault to Noone. But this was before: now we know: For the newbies, it is no more an Achilles's Heel, but a Trojan Horse!

This inefficiency of Dolutegravir (mono) is either acquired, transmitted or innate.
Transmitted or innate, the patient or the doctor can do not nothing: it is an Achille's heel.
Acquired, it's not the same! Today we know ... And when they prescribe, it is knowingly! So it's a Trojan horse, a ruse...

Acquired Inefficiency Dolutegravir Syndrome: A.I.D.S. Yes ... All this affair is that of an underhanded attack of your natural barriers by an infiltrated agent, acquired by negligence. In its construction, it looks very much like a AIDS-2: letting in an agent that can render your barrier ineffective, natural for AIDS-1, pharmaceutical in case of a possible AIDS-2.

Not final at this point, it deserves full attention and preparedness.

Genvoya® NOT authorized! Surprise!

Genvoya® did not receive the final thumbs up from French Ministry, in 2016 ... It may surprise some... But not our readers who understood the 2 stumbling blocks, not just one, as it would be too easy to make believe.

Gilead communicates on the only pitfall that constitutes the weak level of the ASMR (additional medical service) (publication by HAS, French Health Authority).
Communication is not Information.

The price negotiation failed: if Gilead had lowered its claims, it would not have failed. It's a price negotiation. It fails, then, it's a little easy to put responsibility on the buyer, alone. There is always a good price where the buyer could accept. The economic committee is the only barrier against voracity: it is the only one ... Apart from a possible Trojan horse, within it, it defends us. With the transparency commission (SunShine Act like), it is still more difficult than before to place your 'buddies' ... The new system (Xavier Bertrand) defends itself better.

If HAS is followed, the prescription should not be considered as a continuation prescription after Stribild® / Genvoya® or Isentress®. And only in that context! How to give a marketing authorization, in the broad sense, without associating an effective restriction?

For now, the problem is temporarily solved: there is no marketing authorization ... If Gilead manages to remove obstacle number 1 (the weak ASMR), how will our administrative authorities react? How will they protect the naive patient? Well, we'll see in 2017.

For now, the institutional barrier has played its role.

Minidolu: it worked

If interested in Tivicay® monotherapy, you can wait for a clarification.

For the more adventurous, those who have successfully used Tivicay® monotherapy (1 year validation), they can consider the ICCARRE reduction or reduce the dose.

Me, I like Minidolu, it worked well (validation over 6 months) ...

I also like the Short Cycle... We will see in 2017 (in fact I already started a new thing ... Tivicay® + Lamivudine (DTG + 3TC) on Saturday and Sunday.)

Total Success for 4/7 (ANRS-4D)

For the 96 patients who were eligible and who followed, without cheating, the protocol, the success has been total: zero failure.

This proves that Leibowitch did not deceive us ... well ... ANRS goes full scale: better late than never, but so much time wasted! And suffering inflicted! Not to mention the exorbitant cost! Ah, we'll do the counting! ANRS-4D: trial 600.000 Euros, annual savings 400.000 Euros: the best investment for our government!

By spending less, wisely, on can fill the deficit, maintained, of our Socialed Health and save it, without putting France on its knees, as proposed by F. Fillon.

The icing on the cake

Goodbye, sad clown! ... We won? Not sure! What a loss of time! A five-year period of which he only has one regret (keep well seated...): the false debate on citizenship. In the meantime, the 1.5 million additional unemployed will appreciate and will vote. Not so simple when you read the Fillon program for social security (kindly published by the Canard), and of which the Senate Channel has broadcasted the implementation project.
It's sure game! Finally, we have put behind us a casting error: the casting method is a real catastrophy: the primary is used to eliminate: remains the most idiot ... We have been fooled! Pffff ...

C'est la vie! Champagne!!!

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

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