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Sunday, July 17, 2016

ANRS-4D Durban 2016-07-19

ANRS-4D Durban 2016-07-19
This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

Durban, July 19: The Tidings Brought to Paris

By Charles Edouard!

From a follower wannabee ...

Your wishes are going to be granted! In no more than two days ...!

Understanding the BREATHER numbers is crucial : any dosing reduction trial has failures, this is normal! In the BREATHER trial, the comparator arm helps understand that there are as many (or more ...) failures in the 7/7 arm: this helps to put things into perspective! The misinterpretation of BREATHER is let to believe that Pharmacokinetics prevails: it is not true and I will get back to it.

Thanks to BREATHER we are prepared: there will be (maybe) failures in ANRS-4D. If that's the case, well, we analyze them, that's it...

Whether with 4/7 or 5/7, or alternatively mono Tivicay ®, it will start to make numbers: we will have a large number of patients, and subsequently, the follow-up is obvious.

The poster THPEB063, by Truchis et al, will be presented on July 19 at the AIDS2016 conference in Durban;

de Truchis leibowitch durban aids2016 ANRS162-4D NCT02157311 delfraissy hiv vih Breather
The conference program commands: results are embargoed until 19/07 at 10:00 (local time).

As for Brexit, attentive patients will spend a sleepless night waiting for the results. We expect, of course, a statement by the authors and why not an official announcement on TV.
What you need to know before the killjoys get involved.
1- In any multicentre trial, there are failures: no known exception (Even sofosbuvir, great molecule, has had failures ...)
So there will surely be failures, this comes with the territory.
2- Thresholds for assessing who wins:
- For a test with a hundred patients, the statistical methodology is that beyond 12% difference with the comparator arm, this is not good ... The FDA is trying to reduce this to 8 %.
- In BREATHER, the comparator arm 7/7, wh had 7 failures per 100 patients (7%) and 6% in the 5/7 arm.

Twitter addicts, keep an eye on the virological failure rate with this approximate grid at hand:
- Less than 5 failures: this will be better than BREATHER: Victory and CHAMPAGNE
- 6-12 failures: this is on the right side of the handle, but the enemy is not defeated
- Beyond 12: Berezina

Let us not be fooled! Two camps clash:
- The septists (infected by the 7/7 dogma)
- Proponents of the viral window
In the camp of the proponents of the viral window (including de Truchis, Perronne, Phillibert, Liotier, and a very few, ans also Dybul ?, Anthony Faucy) Dr. J. Leibowitch and some allies.

In the Septists side: ALL other, the infamous Parisian virology clique, Molina, Goshn, Rouzioux, Katlama, Delfraissy and other frauds (neutral, thus not neutral ...): Dr. Gilles Pialoux, etc. And the rest of the world !!! Countless!

Note: the pharmacokinetics supporters (Dr. Cal Cohen, K. Butler) will know if they are right or wrong ... ...

At stake? Hundreds of millions of euros, billions worldwide, and a paradigm shift, as a key holder.

More than the result, I am looking forward to commentators: I will be among them, in the perspective of mine, that of the victim of overmedication.

Whatever the outcome, ANRS procrastination is reprehensible.

Remember to follow your usual specialized media, and, as usual, especially note those who will remain silent!

The verdict of the confrontation, is in Durban, South Africa, and the announcement, in Paris ...

Check the Internet!

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide this translation for your convenience. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

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