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Sunday, January 17, 2016

WHO proves us right

This paper was originally published here, in French. We provide the google translation for your convenience. Proper translation will come soon. Some practical aspects may differ where you live.

WHO proves us right
WHO gives us reason!

It is not allowed to change your mind ... We read with relish this:
There are obvious advantages to treat as soon as possible:
- Avoid the virus develops in large numbers and settled in reservoir cells where treatment can no longer reach
- Be quick undetectable and therefore not contaminating
- Avoid all risks of opportunistic diseases
- Then go quickly to a lighter treatment.

The relief available to earlier treaties, this is factually untrue. Well ... There is progress ... It's hard, but it fits ...

Dose reduction is sometimes presented as an exception, conditioned to a blood test. It is practiced as well in Geneva and Quebec. It is too restrictive.

Dr. Lanzafame (Verona) is the reduction of maintenance dose, without selective condition, other than undetectable achieved and maintained a good time. Dr. Leibowitch same: de facto, its short cycle (5/7 or 4/7) reduced the dose received. Dr. Cal Cohen (FOTO test, total success) even published its concentrations (C Through) well below the concentration 'recommended'. Dr. Lanzafame also published verbatim by patient patient, pharmacological results: undetectable is maintained in all patients including those whose concentration is very low.

The approach went Lanzafame is the universal reduction: it is not conditioned. He tried several maintenance formulas: protease inhibitors, integrase, or non-nukes (Nevirapine, Efavirenz). Total success every time.

Clinicians, poor countries have done the same ... Funding Gates for 12 million USD. This time, in treatment of attack: these are the ENCORE-1 trial, ENCORE-2, EVEN-3. Again, with success.

But what thus takes them all to question the dose imposed by the manufacturer and approved by the FDA? And see, every time, it works!

Try it (must still try ...) it is to adopt.

This is what comes to the WHO, against the current pharmaceutical lobbies, and for the greater good (mental) millions of patients: The valid WHO reducing Efavirenz 600 mg to 400 mg. It is here, p.7.

WHO Lanzafame efavirenz encoure1 hiv hiv AIDS WHO TLE400 Cipla Mylan 400 mg

[WHO] also recommends the use of a dose of Efavirenz 400 mg as an alternative option for first-line for adults and adolescents to enhance the tolerance of efavirenz, following a finding that 400 mg dose was as effective as 600 mg, but with fewer side effects.

The Indian manufacturer Cipla announced this week that it is preparing to launch fixed-dose combinations containing 400 mg of efavirenz. Mylan Laboratories will also launch its own fixed-dose combinations in early 2016 at a price of $ 99 [NdT: year]. UNITAID said that the transition to a 400 mg dose of efavirenz could result in savings of $ 80 to $ 100 million (US) globally by 2020.

The cons, Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall (WHO).

At Mylan, the drug in one pill, once daily taken, bears the name of TLE400. Read the press release.

Manufacturers will apply for approval to the FDA, and get it, why doubt it? It is required to provide the international donors (American ...).

The valid WHO, FDA approved, but you, you are not entitled ... Why?

As effective, with fewer side effects, it's best! Point bar.

Well ... Let us rejoice: The relief came at WHO, without fanfare, but went anyway! When it's in, that's it!

We will discuss the implications for us in a future post.

By then join the discussion. The most active is in Stribild EACS-2015 Hocqueloux

Good Weekend and good fuck!

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